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Zhejiang Yunfeng Gardens Co.,Ltd is specialized in handling planting and wholesaling of bamboo plants,bonsai trees,bonsai pots,bonsai stand bamboo wares,pool products and gardening tools. Our company is located in Huzhou,Zhejiang Province,China,which is the "Home of Bamboo" in China,and near Shanghai City,one of the largest port,is of convenient transportation.

Bamboo Plants we have various species(including rare species ) which are beautiful and enjoying and good for landscape,most of them can stand the temperature from -23 to +35 degrees Celsius and have almost 100 percent survival rate after being transfered overseas,

The couse of growing of bamboo every year in Apil,,the bamboo plants begin to grow new shoots and leaves until middle of July.
From middle of July to middle of August the new growed shoots begin to become hard and strong.
From middle of August to November is the process of rhizomes' developing.
From November to next March,the rhizomes are brewing the new lives for the new shoots,which will grow up from April on.

Acer and Magnolia our nursery also grow various these plants and can sell them in bulk.

Golden Season for dispatch of plants the golden Season for dispatching and shipping of bamboo plants is from November to next March.

Transportation of Plants the plants should be best transported with refrigerated Container and all the bamboo plants stand in compost with soft plastic pots,other plants are bare-rooted wraped with wet moose.

Bamboo Wares and Bamboo Furnitures from our factories are famours for its good quality.The products are include gazebo,bamboo bridge,bamboo gate,bamboo fence as well as various bamboo furnitures,bamboo curtains and bamboo mats etc.

Bonsai Pots with two types: Clay Pots and Glaze pots,which are calcined under the temperature reaching 1200 degree Celsuis and are of high quaulity.

By now, we have had a great deal of experience in packing and shipping of our bamboo plant, bonsai plant, and other products . And our bamboo plants ,bonsai trees,bamboo wares and other products have been exported to Britain ,Holland, Italy ,Danemark,Germany,USA , etc.Now,we 're continuing to promote markets and seek business partners in worldwide.


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